donderdag 26 juli 2012

Artist-in-residency Karin Bos & Erik Wuthrich at Zuiderzee Museum - Part Three

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Normally notes and sketches by Karin Bos are part of her private sketchbook collection.
Especially for this project she bought beautiful paper (acid free Hahnemuhle 220 gr. 24 x 32 cm) to draw the sketches. Her drawings are observations of the visiting children at the museum who dress up in historical Dutch costumes.

At the museum it is cash & carry. It is also possible to buy the drawings online: send an email to to place your order.
1: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girl 1. (This first sketch is done on 120 gr paper size 28 x 24 cm).sold

2: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girl 2. sold

3: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girl 3. sold

4: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girls 4. sold

5: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girl 5. sold

6: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girl 6. sold
7: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girl 7. sold
8: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girl 8. sold
9: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girls 9. sold

10: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girl 10. sold
11: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girls 11. sold
12: Karin Bos, Zuiderzee Museum Girls 12. sold

(shipping fees are not included)

July 26th: The temporary artists studio of Karin Bos and Erik Wuthrich is located in museum room 4 at the indoor part of the Zuiderzee Museum. The outdoor museum where their temporary house is located is also very nice. It's like walking through history.
at the outdoor museum
The inside of one of the houses. This is at the hairdressers.
The center of Enkhuizen is also filled with beautiful historical buildings.
After opening hours when all visitors are gone silence takes over at the outdoor museum. We are alone watching the dance of mosquitos in the sunlight.

Extreme crowded mosquito party, luckely they are all male, so they don't sting.
July 27th: Hurray, it is now official, Karin finished her first painting!
Karin Bos, De Peiling, oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, 2012.
Here's a sneak preview how it would look being part of the "Colour of Water" exhibition at the museum.
It combines very well with the watercolour "Safe Haven" in the show, so Karin is very pleased with herself.

July 28th: Erik starts to apply the Acrylic One to make his sculpture strong.
It looks a bit like cooking.
Cutting the glass fiber.
In the mean time Karin is framing her large watercolour.
Karin Bos, watercolour on paper, 102 x 66 cm
After 5pm we go back to our temporary house at the outdoor museum and admire the little fish drying in the sun.

at the outdoor Zuiderzee Museum

Karin finished her second painting. It's oil on canvas, size 40 x 50 cm.

July 29th: Today some old friends dropped by to visit us at the museum which was a nice surprise.
Today was compliment-day; we had lots of visitors who were very enthousiastic.
Erik is applying the first layers of Acrylic One

The mouth of his fountain sculpture has to be firm and strong

The fiber is attached to the surface with a brush using raisin.
July 30th: Both artists work so hard that they forget to lunch.
Erik wants to apply three layers of Acrylic One today
In the mean time he is talking to some 300 visitors during the day.
What is it? No, Erik is not re-inventing the wheel, it is hanging on its side..

All right, now the visitors can imagine that it will be a fountain.
The museum room is so large that the artists have to shout: hey neighbour can I borrow your crepe tape? And then roll it over the floor. Otherwise they keep walking forever.
That tiny little man in the distance is Erik at work from Karins point of view.

Karins work table
Karin finished the 8th Zuiderzee Museum girl sketch. It is becoming a cosy laundryline party.
Eriks favourite spot at the outdoor museum after hours.
July 31th: Karin went into the water to collect some waterplants for Erik. He wants to use the pattern of the nerves for his tile mosaics.
Erik is studying the leafs.

Karins work table

Small watercolour, Objects of desire, Venus.

August 1st: The artists have a day off.

The artists are out

The artists are out

On a boat trip: the museum has super handy ferries which are included in the tickets. It's a circle line between the parking lot, the train station and the outdoor museum.
August 2nd: Today at 4pm a performance by Erik Wuthrich is sceduled at the docks right behind the restaurant at the outdoor museum. Come and join us to witness FLOATING TIME!

donderdag 19 juli 2012

Artist-in-residency Karin Bos & Erik Wuthrich at Zuiderzeemuseum - Part Two

July 19th: Erik Wuthrich wants to know if his new pond sculpture in progress will float. The best way to find out is by trial and error.
Water is always nearby at the Zuiderzee Museum
Luckely land is also near, in case it goes wrong

The dropping
Yes, it floats
But does it still float with 80 kilos extra wheight on top of it?

Yes it does. Next problem: how to retrieve it from the water? (Without getting wet ourselves.)
Museum Security standing by to rescue us.

Erik arranged a happy crew to do his dirty work
Karin however is still painting by herself.
her works in progress
July 20th: Erik moved to the woodshop of the museum to do some dirty work with a gas mask on, and Karin takes her first pictures of dressed-up children at the outdoor museum.
Super model!

First little sketch.

July 21th: We wake up and greet the chicken in our garden and spot some eggs.
The back side of our house at the museum.

and this is the view from our garden, hello IJsselmeer (IJssel lake)
Another day at the office! Erik is checking his mail. Our house used to be located in the fishing town Monnickendam.

Erik at work in the workshop of the museum using his favorite cake knife for the shaping of his sculpture.

Watercolour in progress
July 22th: Erik is shaping his pond sculpture while Karin is working on watercolours.
working on the second figure

the oil paintings are still wet!

Erik is testing how the water will pour, with the help of the museum security guard
July 23th: Yes, no more walking, we arranged some loan bikes, so today we can go on an inspiration tour and cycle these endless dikes and through the straight lined landscapes searching for inspiration. But first we had a meeting with the museum director with cake and everything, because he celebrated his birthday today. Some other V.I.P.'s interrupted our meeting: our favourite nieces (and muses) knocked at the door, so we gave them a museum tour.
The three graces
In our museum studio we show the art work "Do not feed the artist". Being exposed while working as an artist sometimes feels like being in a zoo. We perform for a live audience.. The "do not feed" refers to the current financial cut-backs in the art world. We want to show that the value of creativity should not be underestimated. Artists should get paid for their labour, unfortunately in reality that is too often not the case. We didn't take the "do not feed" literally, since today we do: we are told that we are not supposed to eat so much at lunch. Wow, the sunflower seeds in the art work "Do not feed the artist" refers to the most famous starving artist in Dutch history; Vincent van Gogh. Well, Vincent, we can tell you, tomorrow we might try how our ears taste.!.
Do not feed the artist.
 July 24th: Super, today the Acrylic One package arrived. Erik finishes the basic shape of his pond sculpture. When it is dry he will start applying the Acrylic One to make the surface strong.
The basic shape of the pond sculpture is ready!
Second little sketch of the visiting girls in the museum who dress up.
July 25th: Another beautiful warm day. Karin wakes up at 5.30 to photograph the early morning light. The curious chicken and goats are already awake, but let's go back to bed.
Early morning view.
More favourite nieces dropped by today. Karin took a great picture of the kids watching the dvd in the museum room from super close by, to see their uncle Erik as a fancy moviestar. Unfortunately the camera is getting old and the jpg is broke..sorry, no image..only an imaginary one.