vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Art for sale FUNDRAISER MOVING TARGETS month of printing

Being part of the Month of Printing Moving Targets offers some prints for sale on line.
Prints are available by Ben Moreau, Paul Coenen, Victor Romao, Natalie Hunt, Wendy Willis, Hugh Bryden, Kat Pertzborn, Travis Janssen, Robin Jonas Angelet, Adrianna Santiago Pass, Melanie Yazzie.
Techniques varies from etching, lino cut, wood cut, screen print, etc. 
Paper size is 8 x 10 inch, edition size is 15.
Selling Price is 50 euro per print, excluding shipping costs.
For inquiries send an e-mail to artbb@xs4all.nl.
Prints can also be viewed and bought at Moving Targets HQ in Amsterdam by appointment.
Kat Pertzborn

Adrianna Santiago Pass

Paul Coenen

Wendy Willis

Ben Moreau

Victor Romao

Travis Janssen

Natalie Hunt