woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Moving Targets presents The Other Eye @ Retort Art Space


Karin Bos                               Erik Wuthrich
paintings and work on paper           sculptures

Hometown A.I.R. : an exhibition & work in progress

22 November – 18 December 2011


Retort Art Space
Aalsmeerweg 103
1059 AG Amsterdam
the Netherlands
Open: Thursday – Sunday 1 – 6 pm

Retort Art Space has invited two Amsterdam based artists, painter Karin Bos and sculptor Erik Wuthrich, to step out their daily routine by showing their work as well as create new work at Retort Art Space, thus becoming hometown tourists for one month.

At Retort Karin Bos will exhibit works from the 'A trip to the countryside' series which she made during several former artist-in-residencies in the Netherlands and abroad. During her working period at Retort she will focus on Amsterdam as a source of inspiration. Will she be able to look at her everyday environment with another eye?

Erik Wuthrich makes abstract organic shaped sculptures for which he normally finds inspiration in nature. His studio is located at the Dutch countryside, so for him it will be different to work in the city. Will the urban surroundings reflect on his new work?

This artist-in-residency project combined with an exhibition is an unique opportunity for the public to meet the artists and see them at work, when visiting the developing exhibition.

Karin Bos, Shifting view, oil on canvas, 100 x 130 cm, 2010

Erik Wuthrich, Dropping 2, mosaics on polyurethane, 30 x 75 x 60 cm, 2007